Guided Gratitude Meditation (free)

Friends ~ On the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend (Dec. 1st), we will host a guided meditation for gratitude here at Well Nest. You are welcome to join in person (pls RSVP), or simply be “tuned in” wherever you are. It’s a powerful, feel-good, healing moment when like-minded purpose is sent out to the universe … with all the positive energy of those who participate combining for good!

We will gather for the meditation at 4:00, to be followed with a Tea House* blessing. (*The outdoor meditation/workshop/retreat space is completed!! We will be adding landscaping to include river rocks for reflexology and earthing.)

Folks affiliated with other holistic centers in town (CHAI, Center for Mindful Living) will also be joining the powerful gratitude energy — some here at Well Nest, some in their own ways. 4:00 on Sunday will be a powerful time!

This event is free … and will conclude with apple cider, red wine, and dark chocolate. Yum.

Best always …. Dr. Rick

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