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Energy Healing with Spring Forest Qigong

"A holistic system of self-healing exercise and meditation, an ancient, evolving practice that includes healing posture, movement, breathing techniques and meditation." ~ China scholar Ken Cohen

The historical roots of Qigong date back at least 4,000 years to ancient China. The underlying principle, established by Chinese scholars of the period, is that everything in the universe is energy or “Qi.” Qi is the fundamental core of the entire manifest universe, the building block of all matter, the basic energy or force that comprises all particles and animates all living things.
Qigong Classes
Qigong literally means the study of transforming energy. Qi means energy. Gong means to study to reach mastery, to manipulate, to transform.

In the western scientific tradition, Albert Einstein was the first to establish this same principle: “Everything in the universe is comprised of dynamic relationships of energy.” Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but energy can be transformed.

The word Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) literally means the study of transforming energy. Qi means energy. Gong means to study to reach mastery, to manipulate, to transform.

Qigong principles form the basis of all Chinese medicine. The concept is that all Qi is intended to flow smoothly and continuously; to be in harmony and balance with the universe. The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This definition is in keeping with the concept of balance and harmony inherent in the Qigong approach to health and wellness.

Qigong teaches that when the flow of Qi becomes restricted or blocked, physical and/or mental health problems will occur.
Remove the restriction or blockage; restore the flow of Qi, and the problems can be resolved. The smooth, continuous and harmonious flow of Qi is necessary for optimum health and wellness.

After years of training with many of the most highly regarded Qigong Masters in his native China, Chunyi Lin created a program of Qigong that has simplified the approach. This system is called Spring Forest Qigong.

Master Chunyi Lin’s dream: “A healer in every family and a world without pain.”

(The above information is gratefully obtained from the Spring Forest Qigong newsletter. For more information visit Spring Forest Qigong)

Intuitive Work and Reiki

From time to time, Well Nest offers the following energy healing services:

Intuitive Guidance: This is an amazing tool for exploring your own creativity, imagination and gifts through coaching, questions and intuitive story telling. Through metaphors and myths, new meaning is revealed in your own life story filled with quests, adventures and wonders. By seeing your life with compassionate insight, you�ll be able to transcend to new awakenings.

Tarot Readings: Intuitive insights and wisdom based on the person�s specific situations, questions and life issues. Although readings are wonderful gifts anytime, they can be especially helpful when at a crossroad or in transition.

Reiki Services: This is a relaxing and calming method that uses universal life energy to refresh, balance and revitalize your energy flow. Well Nest Reiki Masters use a variety of energy techniques, in a holistic way, for the person�s greatest and highest good.

Reiki offers so much on so many different levels � it is a wonderful tool for soothing and energizing the mind, body, heart and spirit by creating harmony and balance within our senses. In a Reiki session, the client removes their shoes and lies on a massage table fully clothed. Reiki may also be given to individuals seated in a chair. This effective relaxation and stress reduction tool can be used almost anywhere, especially in workplaces, care facilities and homes.

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