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Psychological services available at Well Nest include individual psychotherapy, relationship counseling, family counseling, clinical hypnotherapy and various support groups (See Wellness Groups). Dr. Rick provides both short-term and long-term psychotherapy, ranging from problem- or issue-specific work to on-going, profound, insight-oriented work, which could include clinical hypnotherapy and different forms of healing through meditation if desired. Both short- and long-term counseling and psychotherapy can be exceptionally beneficial when dealing with issues for individuals, couples and families of all types.
Well Nest offers individual, couples and family counseling
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individual psychotherapy available at Well Nest
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If you've already been in therapy, you will most likely have a general appreciation of the benefits to working in a non-judgmental, safe and confidential setting with a professional you trust, and who can offer gentle guidance to help you uncover your own answers. If you've never been in therapy before, therapy could be quite beneficial for you. Have you thought about seeking help in dealing with lifelong issues, resolving some recent adjustment difficulties, or acquiring a greater degree of insight into your own behavior or ways of thinking? The fact that you are reading this right now may be an indication that you are ready for some form of counseling.

Let’s face it: Life can be extremely stressful and feel overwhelming, and the complications that arise from everyday living can seem confusing. They may cause immediate problems as well as stir up old family and childhood issues that you thought were resolved long ago. Stress, adjustments, relationship issues, family issues, sexual identity issues, dating, careers, addictions and compulsive behaviors, loss and grief, emotional conflicts -- with others as well as within -- are all issues many people share.

No matter what the specifics might be, the first step toward a happier and more congruent life is to understand that you do not need to go through it alone. Whatever your situation, contacting a therapist could be the healthiest step you take, opening the door to a rewarding journey of discovery, insight and healing.


At Well Nest Dr. Rick works with individuals, couples, families and groups. Areas of specialization include: self-esteem, relationships (both gay/lesbian and non-gay relationships), anxiety and depression, loss and grief, life changes, parenting and alternative families, stress, addiction and recovery, the coming out process, health and wellness, clinical hypnotherapy, and meditation. Clinical hypnotherapy is not usually part of a client’s on-going psychotherapy; however, depending on the needs and issues of the person, it can be an option. The same is true for past-life regression work. So while most people primarily seek individual psychotherapy or couples counseling, some come purposely to experience the ways in which different types of hypnotherapy may be of help to them. Others want to learn how meditation can be a healthy – and healing -- addition to their lives (See Yoga and Meditation). Dr. Rick is happy to discuss all the possibilities with you.

Gay and Lesbian Counseling Services Available
Well Nest providers are highly trained professionals working within a holistic, integrative approach to getting well and staying well.
Questions about Dr. Rick’s specializations, Well Nest location, fees? Feel free to inquire by calling or by sending e-mail anytime and visit his private practice website. All calls and e-mail inquiries are kept strictly confidential and every effort is made to answer your inquiry promptly during regular business hours. Office hours are from 12 noon to 8 PM, Tuesday through Friday.

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